Our goal is to provide a safer and more independent lifestyle to anyone who is in need.

Tub Cutter! is a veteran owned business based in Rockbridge, Ohio. Our mission is to provide a safe and independent environment for our clients by using innovative products and the highest quality materials at an affordable price. We strive to provide Safety, and Independence to everyone we have the pleasure of working for. We have been in business since 2002 and can attest that our business model works. We have installed more thatn 3,000 conversion kits over the years that enhances overall safety in the most accident-prone room in a residence "The bathroom" Conversion generally takes less than 2 hours and saves thousands of dollars over conventional remodeling (approximately 75% less), our products come with a limited lifetime warranty and we stand behind our products and workmanship.

"Safety" and "Independence" is our goal! The Tub Cutter! Product allows loved ones to live a longer, safer, and more independent life.