Acquaintance with girls on the beach by the “artist” method

Great way! Girls and women highly appreciate men – representatives of creative professions (musicians, poets, artists, etc.) Take a small pencil portrait course (you don’t have to learn to paint in oils and become a second Serov). It is enough to learn how to convey some resemblance to a person on a piece of paper with a simple pencil or charcoal. Learn how to make a color portrait in pastel technique – it’s great! I remember how popular a young man was on the beaches, who painted portraits of girls, first recognizing their sign. The similarity of the portraits was so-so, but the girls were thrilled by a touch of mystery – “Astrological portrait! » Settle down near the beauty and start drawing her, looking with a smile. I do not know of a single case in the history of mankind that some girl did not become interested in the process and did not approach the artist to see what happened. Even if such a miracle happens and she stays in place, just give her what you drew with the words “I chose you as a model because I didn’t find anyone more beautiful on the beach!” or “I only draw the prettiest girls I see on the beach!” She will be flattered and the acquaintance will definitely take place. But, I repeat, in order not to turn out instead of the pretty Quasimodo, you must be able to draw. You can learn this really simple craft without leaving your home, sitting at the computer. I highly recommend here. In any case, this skill will be useful to you not only on the beach and will remain with you for life!

Meeting girls on the beach – how to start a conversation and what to talk about?

Think in advance how to start a conversation and what topics to talk about with a new acquaintance? Prepare in advance – the conversation will flow smoothly and without painful pauses (“Bliiiiin !! What else to talk about?”) If you are in an unfamiliar city, ask in advance where you can go in the evening (cultural events, concerts, someone’s tour), What cafe or the restaurant is the most popular? Explore some beautiful places where you can take pictures for memory. In general, take the initiative in this matter.

Tip: do not start a conversation with a lying or sitting girl while standing! Be sure to squat down nearby. This will immediately bring you closer to her and she will perceive you as an acquaintance, she will be more relaxed and disposed to talk.

If they take place in your hometown on a local beach, ask the girl what she does and who she works for (where does she study?) If it turns out that she is not local, where did she come from and for how long? Does she like her studies or work? In the answers you will hear clues about what she likes or what she likes and develop this topic. Keep the conversation in a friendly manner, if she supports it, ask if she can meet with you in the evening.

Girls are of little interest, but they love to talk about themselves, their beloved, most of all!

Ask her where she has already been, where and what she liked the most. Let him talk about it. And you? You must learn to listen carefully and show genuine interest in what she is talking about. Do not try to “drag the blanket over yourself” and start talking verbosely about your achievements and victories. If within 2 hours during her monologue you only insert “Yes?” a couple of times. and “Class!” rest assured, she will later tell her friends that there has never been a better INTERVIEWER in her life!