Akihisa foolishly believes though, that the woman is in deep love with Yuuji

Akira Yoshii are Akihisa’s earlier aunt, who’s got an incestuous wish to have the lady younger uncle. This is certainly in addition made use of as a running gag inside tv show making Akihisa feel very unpleasant. She is so daring as to also threaten to hug your when he messes something up, and nearly succeeds on a number of occasions.

Yuuji Sakamoto [ ]

Yuuji Sakamoto are Akihisa’s closest friend, and regularly tricks him into doing something that fundamentally screws Akihisa over. Yuuji has become the contrary of Akihisa. He is relaxed, cool, and group which will results in your giving suggestions to Akihisa (primarily jokingly) like a big brother would. Despite the reality Yuuji is capable of evaluating into lessons one, his nonchalant attitude triggered him to evaluate into Class F. Despite their academic possibilities, he is as idiotic as Akihisa in terms of particular fields, plus they generally result quite the ruckus together (however with great objectives).

Mizuki Himeji [ ]

Mizuki Himeji is one of many romantic fans of Akihisa, arguably an important focus of his affections. The two of them are class mates in elementary college, the full time when Akihisa gave Himeji their signature bunny locks clip. She cares deeply for your and is continuously trying to find an easy way to see their focus.

She adore your because they are usually pleasing, nice, and taking care of others, but believes he best addresses the girl very kindly because that’s the method he is, not because he return the thoughts.

In fact, Akihisa really does like Himeji, to the point in which the guy let Himeji remain at his home because her mothers attended a marriage at a different country and couldn’t get back because their particular trip was actually delayed.

Himeji are awful at preparing. So very bad indeed that her preparing is deadly to whoever eats it, even Hideyoshi, just who within the manga represent himself as having a stomach of steel. This gets a running fun, particularly for Akihisa. For the reason that this lady affections towards him, Himeji always cooks up anything for Akihisa to eat, iraqi chat room without registration normally generating their, plus the remaining portion of the males, “deaths.”

Despite the lady sweet and bashful personality, whenever the considered Akihisa with another woman in any way comes into her head, Himeji switches into her “yandere” setting, and can do anything, regardless of how crazy to penalize Akihisa. Himeji has also a desire for obtaining photo of Akihisa, as shown whenever she asked Kouta for pictures of Akihisa in a sailor class consistent.

Minami Shimada [ ]

Minami Shimada could be the “tsundere” of this show and has now an intense interest in Akihisa though she’s represented as denial towards Akihisa. She is usually the first to “strike” to have Akihisa’s focus and passion, but vacations over her own measures, letting Himeji to ultimately pick the lady option to Akihisa aswell. There are occasions while in the 2nd period where Minami truly begins to program the girl affections to Akihisa, which demonstrates how much cash she really does look after him (there is certainly even a flashback bout of the tale of precisely why she likes Akihisa). Actually, Minami got Akihisa’s very first kiss something which amazed their while he was her first hug.

However, exactly like Himeji, Minami cannot keep the notion of Akihisa getting with another girl. Even in the event Akihisa treats Minami like an in depth friend, but as a guy, the guy actually cares for Minami and in what way he treats Minami merely distinct from Mizuki (Himeji). Additionally it is hinted in a few periods that Akihisa wants Minami; the guy when mentions that the woman is anyone he is able to become himself around. He even asserted that Minami provides a charm to her and in the dub type he mentions that it is the tough man component about the girl which he discovers hot.