Although not, Rogue showcases treat in the event that book vanishes and you may finds out in itself when you look at the your hands from an inbound Zeref

When he battles their old Learn, Rogue admonishes Jiemma to have selling Minerva out over Tartaros, but one another the guy and Pain are just tossed up to, the terms definition nothing to the new transformed Devil. Although not, one another Dragon Slayers increase and you will tell Jiemma that he is actually brand new the one that made the fresh new guild weak hence while they provides been Sabertooth more than out-of rectangular one to, it’s their job to end him. Its terms simply show your the tormentor, however, each other Dragon Slayers restrict which they was basically privileged to possess found an effective guild an admiration Fairy Tail; Rogue try slash by the Jiemma, just who says you to definitely strength which have securities isn’t electricity at all. Once Sting exclaims that they live to enjoy one another, Rogue says that they’ll prevent Jiemma’s twisted, broken ideals and also the one or two shed White Shade Dragon’s Harsh Silk, striking Jiemma which have white and tincture, and that renders him greatly injured. Worn out, both Dragon Slayers slip to the ground, leaving that which you so you can Grey and Natsu, [87] where they put unconscious, [88] totally oblivious on activities nearby them. [89]

The newest Dual Dragons in the future wake into detonation regarding Face [90] and as the bombs was lost because of the foster moms and dads of one other Dragon Slayers, Rogue sensory faculties his going-ong the number of Dragons flying up to. [91] Later, reading out-of Igneel your Dragons hid in the Slayers by having fun with miracle arts, Rogue theorizes you to definitely Skiadrum awakened when their heart began to extremely competition, [92] and soon after curses Fairy Tail to have constantly getting the spotlight when Gray and you can Natsu begin to quarrel over the Guide out-of Age.Letter.D. [93] Rogue following observe during the surprise just like the Zeref turns Mard Geer to the a book immediately after which burns off they, [94] following next notices him walk away and you can drop off. [95]

To the likelihood of Tartaros and Deal with today went, Rogue, others Dragon Slayers (sans Natsu) and you may Fairy Tail enjoy the fresh new Dragons; Rogue reunites which have Skiadrum, in which the guy finds out using both it and you may Weisslogia that he and you may Sting got their recollections manipulated to think that they had murdered both and you may attained electricity. Men and women are after that advised that Dragons have already died and you will had its souls taken from him or her because of the Acnologia years back, hence gave him or her half of-life. It led these to go into the regulators of its college students to help you manage anti-regulators to prevent Dragonization, hold back until Acnologia will be killed, in order to lengthen the reduced existence. [96] The Dragons then beginning to decrease, but before they do so that they guarantee to adhere to the new Magna Carta forged anywhere between humans and you may Dragons to check out over-all from humanity because they move ahead. Prior to Skiadrum vanishes, Rogue many thanks they for what he’s got done for him. [97]

Shortly after advising Jiemma you to definitely they’ve became Sabertooth with the guild they is actually supposed to be, a guild out-of relationship and you will love, Jiemma brutalizes new Trace Dragon Slayer whilst the while making declare that the guy and you will Pain damaged their vision of your own guild

Per week when they assisted throughout the decimation away from Tartaros, Rogue yields so you’re able to Sabertooth that have Pain, Frosch, Lector and you may Minerva; the guy grins happily whenever Minerva was warmly welcomed house by the men and women about guild. [98]

Avatar arc

A-year just after Tartaros’ depletion and Fairy Tail’s disbandment, Rogue opportunities with Minerva and you may Frosch on the a mission to help you damage the fresh new cult Avatar. When he makes, Rogue converts to discover Natsu powering at the him; he or she is tackled and you can advised he desires talk, however, Rogue issues what has gotten on the Natsu. [99] Rogue will then be pulled to the a good hedge network and you will demanded to let you know his jobs demand function, and you may once Natsu observes it, he informs Rogue that he’s attending accomplish that employment as an excellent Mage of Fairy Tail, however, which he will offer Rogue most of the advantages according to the position which he and you will Frosch dont leave the town until the guy will get back. Rogue calls Natsu’s action crazy and you may run off immediately after Natsu since the the guy informs Minerva never to assist Frosch and Rogue get-off the town. Far too late to cease Natsu, Rogue angrily says that he doesn’t have suggestion just what simply took place. [100]