In the wake of substantial media plans following Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico still remains just a bit of a puzzle for People in america.

America isn’t any complete stranger to area territories, with statements on Guam, American Samoa, and also the US Virgin Islands (awarded, the namesake helps with the last two). However, despite becoming the nearest US region into continental U . S ., Puerto Rico can be regarded as a foreign country.

That isn’t the scenario. Puerto Rico joins Guam and others as an everyone area, inhabited by US citizens, and not requiring any American touring around to carry a US passport. Because no passport publication or cards is required, obviously no visa stamps are either. At most of the, US tourist need a state-issued driver’s license or any other photograph ID, which could be or else required boarding an aircraft or cruiseship.

Puerto Rico Visa Requirements for non-US Citizens

Fair sufficient, but what if you’re not a me passport owner? Would the charge requirements for visiting this area area vary than if one happened to be traveling into new york, or crossing the boundary between Mexico and Ca?

No. The charge criteria for checking out Puerto Rico are exactly the same as those around the usa, whether for perform, company, or relaxation. This might be complicated to those checking for a stopover on a Caribbean cruise, but once more: Puerto Rico was a US area.

If you bring a passport to Puerto Rico in any event?

If you’re a people citizen or a legal long lasting homeowner for the everyone, it’s generally best if you take a trip with sort of internationally acknowledged recognition whenever leaving the continental united states of america. Though Puerto Rico needs neither a passport guide nor cards for entry, the majority of the encompassing Caribbean islands create. When touring by sea or atmosphere, don’t forget numerous regions require at the least 1-2 empty pages in a passport book to utilize a stamp on arrival.

Additionally, in the event of a natural catastrophe like a hurricane, having a passport guide can present you with additional choices for a crisis evacuation. If you’re best holding a driver’s license, you have got no choice but to return on continental usa, while individuals with a passport guide can pick a nearby isle in the event it’s more convenient.

Although a passport and visa are not called for, getting your return violation and factual statements about any vacation systems beyond your remain handy is generally recommended. There is certainly a regional passport workplace designed for first-time programs and renewals in San Juan, but as of this composing they remains closed due to hurricane damage.

Taking a trip safer in Puerto Rico

If you’re worried about their security for journey outside the everyone (which, don’t disregard, means outside Puerto Rico), take a trip charge professional can enter the vacation programs with the state dept., ensuring you’re kept current from the current information affecting us residents (hurricanes, for just one). And our travel subscription providers, travelling charge Pro could possibly offer recommendations on travel insurance plus have you talk to a travel experts in individual.

Touring someplace new and exciting shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Even although you may well not require a passport when you start their journey for the Caribbean, can you imagine the ideas modification? Imagine if you want to continue on to south usa, Cuba, the Cayman countries, or anyone of many isles? As exotic beaches and warm refreshments with little to no umbrellas call their title, very also does planning the documents required to make it work. Your deserve as concentrated on the former, not getting frustrated with aforementioned.

Hopefully question if perform need to make sure you restore your own passport before a visit to Puerto Rico, you’ll decide traveling Visa expert to greatly help get you started. Take minutes to explore the website to get in contact today to find out how we can build your experiences as smooth as you can. We recognize that even the majority of seasoned travelers can come across unforeseen emergencies or has questions relating to her trips. This is why we bust your tail to brighten their burden because browse the complexity of international travel.

Do you have any queries about visiting Puerto Rico?

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