But Constantine established Byzantium as a twin capital of the empire, with its own senate, initially of 300 members. By 387, their number had swollen to 2,000, while the senate in Rome probably reached a comparable size, so that the upper order reached total numbers similar to the equo publico equites of the early principate. By this time, even some commanders of military regiments were accorded senatorial status. By the time of the Second Punic War (218–202 BC), all the members of the first class of commoners were required to serve as cavalrymen.

At the same time, many equites became career military officers, remaining in the army for much longer than 10 years. After completing their tres militiae, some would continue to command auxiliary eco sober house cost regiments, moving across units and provinces. Equestrians were also the chief financial officers of the imperial provinces, and the deputy financial officers of senatorial provinces.

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These equites primipilares and their descendants formed a section of the order that was quite distinct from the Italian aristocrats who had become nearly indistinguishable from their senatorial counterparts. Ducenariate procurators governing provinces not reserved for senators were of this category as were the praefecti legionum, after Gallienus opened all legionary commands to equestrians. However, it seems that after 270 AD the procuratores ducenarii were elevated into the ranks of the Viri Perfectissimi. A family’s senatorial status depended not only on continuing to match the higher wealth qualification, but on their leading member holding a seat in the senate.

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A Thracian shepherd who had led a group of peasant vigilantes against rural robbers in his home region, he joined the army as a cavalryman in c. 197 under Septimius Severus and was probably granted an equus publicus by Caracalla towards the end of his rule . Under Alexander Severus he was given command of a legion and later served as provincial governor in Mauretania Tingitana and in Germania before seizing supreme power in a coup d’état in 235. Already wealthy to start with, equites equo publico accumulated even greater riches through holding their reserved senior posts in the administration, which carried enormous salaries .

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For example, the salaries of equestrian procuratores ranged from 15,000 to a maximum of 75,000 denarii per annum, whilst an equestrian praefectus of an auxiliary cohort was paid about 50 times as much as a common foot soldier . A praefectus could thus earn in one year the same as two of his auxiliary rankers combined earned during their entire 25-year service terms.

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The senate became politically insignificant, although it retained great prestige. Nevertheless, a wide range of senior administrative and military posts were created and reserved for equestrians by Augustus, though most ranked below the senatorial posts. Tombstone of the knight Titus Cornasidius Sabinus, detailing a typical equestrian career in the imperial period. Then, after a stint as subpraefectus classis of the imperial fleet at Ravenna, Sabinus was governor of the Alpes Poeninae and then of Dacia Apulensis provinces. His son, who erected the memorial, is described as of equo publico rank.

There were normally two of these, but at times irregular appointments resulted in just a single incumbent or even three at the same time. Equestrians also provided the praefecti classis of the two main imperial fleets at Misenum in the bay of Naples and at Ravenna on the Italian Adriatic coast. The command of Rome’s fire brigade and minor constabulary, the vigiles, was likewise reserved for equites. With the exception of the purely hereditary patricians, the equites were originally defined by a property threshold. The rank was passed from father to son, although members of the order who at the regular quinquennial census no longer met the property requirement were usually removed from the order’s rolls by the Roman censors. In the late republic, the property threshold stood at 50,000 denarii and was doubled to 100,000 by the emperor Augustus (sole rule 30 BC – AD 14) – roughly the equivalent to the annual salaries of 450 contemporary legionaries.

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Probably a tribunus militum , the officer wears a decorated bronze cuirass, pteruges, mantle, and Attic-style helmet with horsehair plume. In the republican army, tribuni were elected by the comitia centuriata (main people’s assembly) from the members of the equestrian order. Theodor Mommsen argues that the royal cavalry was drawn exclusively from the ranks of the patricians , the aristocracy of early eco sober house complaints Rome, which was purely hereditary. These are very likely the “centuriae of patrician nobles” in the comitia mentioned by the lexicologist Sextus Pompeius Festus. If this view is correct, it implies that the cavalry was exclusively patrician in the regal period. The Cavalry Club features a world-class 18 hole golf course offering a challenging, yet pleasurable experience for all levels of golf.

We confirm that the owner/principal is not listed on the official state Sex Offender web site in the state in which the owner/principal of the company is located. Centuries of capital accumulation, in the form of vast landed estates across many provinces resulted in enormous wealth for most senators. Many received annual rents in cash and in kind of over 5,000 lbs of gold, equivalent to 360,000 solidi (or 5 million Augustan-era denarii), at a time when a miles would earn no more than four solidi a year in cash. Even senators of middling wealth could expect an income 1,000–1,500 lbs of gold. Augustus, for the first time, allowed the sons of senators to wear the tunica laticlavia on reaching their majority even though they were not yet members of the senate.

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