Updating every buyer’s CHAIR try our very own extreme priority

Taking good care of the customers is the number-one top priority. That is why Volkswagen AG has worked non-stop to locate a technical remedy for SEAT cars with an EA189 diesel system active in the NOx incident. We are very happy to notify you we are actually implementing the solution for every motors included.

You want to invite one to make an appointment with the official CHAIR services Center the implementation of the software program improve free of cost.

We would in addition choose describe that most new SEAT trucks loaded with EU6 motors aren’t tangled up in this matter. Not one from the automobiles that CHAIR at this time manufactures contains the EA189 motor. Regardless, please be assured that all CHAIR trucks adapt to peak technical and security requirements.

Check your auto conveniently.

You can check if your car or truck requires updating. Only means your own VIN wide variety to the handy widget, and this will tell you if it’s needed.

The VIN Numbers.

The VIN numbers is simply a sequence of 17 letters and rates this is certainly special towards vehicles. They lets us determine if your car or truck demands an update.

The easiest way to get really by standing away from vehicles throughout the driver’s part, and look at your controls through the windscreen. You’ll see it there, etched in to the windscreen.

Your own VIN can also be discovered by just checking point age of your subscription certification. Because it’s the automobile Identification numbers, truly completely unique to your car.

Your own VIN amounts is simply a string of 17 characters and figures that’s unique to your vehicles. They allows us to know if your vehicle requires an update.

The easiest way to find its by standing up away from car from the driver’s side, and look at your own tyre through windscreen. You’ll see they here, etched inside windscreen.

Your VIN can certainly be located simply by examining point elizabeth of subscription certification. As it’s the Vehicle Identification Number, its unique towards car.

Your own VIN number is probably a sequence of 17 emails and numbers that will be special towards car. They allows us to know if your car demands an update.

The best way to acquire it really is by waiting outside the vehicle on the driver’s part, and check out your tyre through windscreen. You will see it truth be told there, etched to the windscreen .

Their VIN can certainly be discovered by simply checking area age of subscription certification. As it is the automobile detection Number, truly completely unique your car.

Your own VIN number is just a sequence of 17 characters and rates that is special towards automobile. It allows us to determine if your car or truck demands an update.

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*This internet site has been created by CHAIR, S.A. (a€?SEATa€?) to deliver information regarding the cars assembled with a suffering Volkswagen diesel system. By filling out the design offered at the web site [and clicking the checkbox], you unconditionally justify and portray that:

– you’re legitimate proprietor for the car whose VIN quantity was provided through form, or your the appropriate associate of any these owner and you need expressly been licensed to check these details right up; and

– you’ll not reveal, excepting exercise any legal rights you may be eligible for, any suggestions you could get access to. Inter alia, you may not submit neither off-line or online, the VIN number or other ideas available at website produced by CHAIR.

Kindly, remember that the device only checks VIN amounts of the SEAT brand and the outcome will directly count in going into the data correctly.

The violation of any of this aforementioned representations are going to have legal outcomes, being SEAT entitled to push any actions as authorized by-law within the safety of their legitimate interests.

Any individual data offered through form will likely be incorporated a facts filed had by CHAIR, with subscribed address at AutovA­a A-2, kilometer 585, 08760 – Martorell (Spain), and will simply be processed to deal with your own query.